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Coming to Netflix (CTN) was established at the beginning of 2020 having an aim to provide Netflix fans with most update to date news regarding all Shows/ Movies and Anime. We also strive to provide a top-notch recommended list to streamers who love to stream content on Netflix.

We at CTN aim to provide every streamer a curated list based on their region, but we mainly cover content for India, United States, United Kindom, and the Asia Pacific regions. Our primary focus is to provide you most up to date news and schedule for the content that’s coming to the streaming platform along with providing streamers with reviews for the shows. We aim to cover the news, any new additions, every upcoming title, and detail of every Netflix Original shows.

We at CTN work around the clock, and keep updating the relevant section with the latest news and advancements that are made in particular fields, so that our readers stay informed about their fields of interest. Due to our authentic content and honest yet trustworthy opinionated articles, we share a great bond with our readers, and they are one of the reasons we are popular because they always suggest CTN to their friends and family. 

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