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Dark Season 3: Release Date, Cast, and Details

Dark, the German thriller and spectacular show mixed with sci-fi, drama, and mystery as a cherry on top of the cake is all about to come back with further twists and turns that will answer all the questions left in previous seasons. Season 3 will be on screen on 27th June 2020, which is the apocalypse day and also marks the arrival of the last cycle in the show. Time-traveling with supernatural twists is the flawless combination that does not let the viewers get away from the script and characters of the show. 

Each episode of the series has some mind-blowing twist that will make you think about how creators have ever think about it. Previous seasons were very successful as you cant even dare to skip the intro song. The ratings given by rotten tomatoes users to season 1 was 89%, and for season 2 was 100%.

8.8/10 100%  –/100

Dark: Season 3                                          A child in the town of Winden disappears at spur of the moment, which leads four families to work together in order to get the answer. While finding answers, they realize interconnection between them and secrets that the town holds.            Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Drama, Supernatural
Director: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese
Cast: Louis Hoffman, Lisa Vicari, Karoline Eichhorn, Maja Schone and more
Runtime: 40-55 mins/ episode 
Language: English

Dark Season 2 and Season 1: Recap

The creator behind this extraordinary show is Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The story starts with a boy named Mikkel Nielsen, who disappeared in the woods of Winden town, which lead four families – Nielsen, Doppler, Kahnwald and Tiedemann, to work together in search of Mikkel. While working on this mystery, they bump into different secrets, which changes the whole world around them. The question is not WHERE, but WHEN? – these words turn the whole story upside down. In season 2, Jonas tries to fix all the events that happened since 21st June till the date he is alive. But, eventually, led to the apocalypse. The expectation for season 3 is all high, and there is no way that Odar and Friese will let your expectations down. 

The level of imagination, planning, and attention to each and every detail can only be done by creators that have some incredible thoughts and IQ levels. It’s appreciable that the people from different generations and ages of the same character look so much alike. The work done by them is totally impeccable and remarkable. 

Dark Season 3 Release Date


As per the official Netflix announcement, Dark season 3 will be released on 27th June 2020. The trailer of season 3 excites the fans as they are curious to watch the vague plot with more twists and turns. We surely hope that Jonas will be able to stop Adam in the final cycle and not fail as he did in previous seasons.

Dark Season 3 Cast

Jonas Kahnwald, aka Louis Hoffman, played as the lead role for the last two series. As season 2 ended with some new Martha Nielsen, aka Lisa Vicari from another world, so in season 3, we have two lead roles. All casts from the last two seasons will be seen in this final season. Even there will be characters from season 1 and season 2 back for season 3 like Noah, aka Mark Waschke, Girl from future aka Lea van Acken and many more. 

There will be some new casts too, like Barbara Nusse, Nina Kronjager, Hans Diehl and many more. 

Dark Season 3 is going to bring some very exciting eight episodes. Are you as excited as I am? What are your expectations and hopes for the final season of Dark? Will Martha and Jonas together can bring everything to an end? Is Adam really an older version of Jonas? Keep Visiting Coming To Netflix for more updates about upcoming shows.