Coming to netflix june 2020

Famous Titles Coming To Netflix In June 2020

Netflix, the streaming giant that has every other major platform –of the Hulu variety–scrambling for content just released what´s in store for their clients for the next month, and in this post, we will tell our readers everything that they need to know about what is coming to Netflix in June 2020

We will start by mentioning the biggest Netflix Originals coming June 2020, the repertoire of original productions is ample. And with binge-hungry viewers locked up all over the world thanks to the COVID–19 pandemic dealing away with every significant show out there, the competition is fierce in the digital streaming wars.

Fuller House (Season 5B) – ORIGINAL

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Fuller House season 5 will see its release on June 2, 2020. This reboot from the successful 1990s sitcom concludes with a reunited cast with a similar look and feel to its millennial predecessor.


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Baki Season 3 will be released on June 4. This news will bring a smile to every anime fan out there with a Netflix account. The story of martial arts expert Baki Hanma continues to unravel as he trains harder to match with his foes. The original anime series by Netflix was confirmed for a new season via Twitter. Viewers can start streaming this exciting series on June 4.

The Last Days of American Crime – ORIGINAL

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A Netflix original crime thriller scheduled for release on June 5. Based upon a homonymous graphic novel that tells the story of a veteran criminal –played by Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramírez– as he transits a world full of violence & terrorism where the US government plots to unleash a mysterious technology of high power.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (Season 2) – ORIGINAL

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The second season of this children’s show returns for another run after the premiere in early January 2020, as it shows how Kipo polishes her newly acquired skills and proficiencies. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts will be released on June 12

Pokemon Journeys: The Series

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Pokemon fans will be happy to see Pikachu & Ash travel the world to catch them all on Netflix on June 12, this series will have regular content updates as the first twelve episodes will see their follow-ups every three months.

Athlete A – ORIGINAL

Athlete A is a documentary about the sex abuse scandal of the US Olympic Gymnastics team that sees premiere on June 24.

Lenox Hill (Season 1) – ORIGINAL

A Netflix original documentary series that follows the lives of four physicians at a hospital in New York. An in-depth look at the busy lives of a doctor, the impact on their lives and the lives of their patients. This series will be released on June 10.

That was the major Netflix Originals, now we move on to the rest of what is coming to Netflix on June 2020, in the following lines we try to give you a full day-by-day recap of what’s happening, so you can stock on popcorn, grab a beautiful blanket and your favorite pajamas as you binge-watch your way through.

Everything Coming To Netflix on June 1, 2020

  • Act of Valor, a military action thriller from 2012 by Mike McCoy – ORIGINAL
  • All Dogs Go To Heaven, a 1989 classic animated feature by Don Bluth
  • Bad News Bears, a 2005 comedy with Billy Bob Thornton in the Lead
  • Casper, the friendly ghost that does his antics with Christina Ricci in 1995
  • SakuraCard Captor, the first two seasons for those nostalgic anime fans out there
  • Clueless the classic millennial comedy
  • E.t. The Extra-Terrestrial, the 1982 Steven Spielberg iconic movie
  • Inside Man, a 2006 thriller by Spike Lee with Denzel Washington.
  • Starship Troopers, the 1997 futuristic cult classic of intergalactic warfare against alien insects
  • The Car, a 1977 horror film of cult status

Everything Coming To Netflix on June 2  and June 3

  • Garth Brooks The Road I’m on – A docuseries on country music artist Garth Brooks
  • Killing Gunter – Another action-comedy series featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Everything Coming To Netflix on June 4 till June 10

  • 13 Reasons Why – The final season of this Netflix Original Series – ORIGINAL
  • Hannibal Seasons 1-3 the story of the infamous cannibal psychiatrist
  • Queen of the South – A crime soap opera – ORIGINAL
  • Middle Men – A comedy-drama about online commerce

Everything Coming To Netflix on June 11 till June 15

  • Pose, the seconds season of the FX LGBT series
  • Da 5 Bloods, Spike Lee’s latest film
  • NDG French Documentaries that cover extreme sports, including Magnetic, Don’t Crack Under Pressure Parts 1-3 and Addicted to Life
  • One Piece, every season
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Everything Coming To Netflix on June 13 till June 17

  • How to get away with murder season 6, ABC’s series sees its final season
  • Underdogs – An animated children’s film – ORIGINAL
  • Frost/Nixon – A biopic of Richard Nixon’s iconic interview with David Frost by By Ron Howard – ORIGINAL
  • An evening with Beverly Luff Linn, a crime comedy film by Jim Hosking – ORIGINAL

Everything Coming To Netflix on June 18 till June 22

  • Babies (Season 2), docu-series are looking into how babies develop.
  • Father Soldier Son (2020) –New York Times documentary about the military.
  • Feel the Beat (2020) – Family movie featuring Sofia Carson about a young band of misfits training for a big dance competition.
  • Goldie – drama by Sam de Jong about a teen girl.
Coming to Netflix
Father Soldier Son

Everything Coming To Netflix on June 23 till June 30

  • Eric Andre: Legalize everything, a stand-up comedy special – ORIGINAL
  • Bratz, the movie, the live-action version of the dolls
  • George Lopez: We’ll do it for half, the Mexican comedian sees his streaming debut on Netflix.

We wrap up our coverage of the best Netflix content by reminding our readers that Otakukart regularly posts updates on every streaming platform available, so please keep coming back for more.